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Part of my mission when I started my business was to educate the next generation about the importance of recycling, reusing and the devastating impact we have on our oceans. I wanted to inspire children to reuse everyday items and turn them into something beautiful or useful.

I was very honoured to be invited to a primary school in Cornwall to teach about sea glass, recycling and how we can help save our oceans.

It was an absolute pleasure to teach the children and so inspiring to see their enthusiasm. If you are a mum, dad or a teacher and feel this would be something your school would like to be involved with, please feel free to contact me. I'm happy to travel and have a set fee for half a day.

My sea glass workshop includes the following:

* Session about recycling and beach pollution

* Session about sea glass and fossils

* Hands on fossil and sea glass activity

* Hands on recycling and sea glass task

* Sea glass artwork project to take home

* Colouring in and storytime

My workshop can either be a morning or afternoon and I'm more than happy to add bits in if required.

£110 for half a day based on a class of 30 pupils

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