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My summer of treasure collecting

This summer has been epic for finding new and exciting treasures. I've visited wales and the north coast of Devon plus many other exciting locations in search of unusual and colourful pieces to turn into jewellery for you guys!

One trip led me to an area of beautiful miniature clam shells. As shells are an important part of the oceans eco-system, they are best left on the beach. I took a few home to make moulds so I could cast the exact same shell for future designs. Once the moulds are complete, the shells can be returned to their natural home.

Another trip saw me collecting a new shade of blue sea glass, one that I hadn't managed to find closer to home. I want to call it sky blue, but there is probably a more technical term for it. Watch this space to see what I create with these new colourful pieces!

As you know, I'm slightly obsessed with fossils. From a young age I was an enthusiastic collector and never thought I would now be finding them for my job, its thanks to you lovely lot that have kept this dream alive!

My two children love finding the 'dinosaur' fossils with me and are actually very skilled in doing so. I've met many lovely fossil enthusiasts along the way, just by spotting them beach-combing like myself. A few have taught me so much about ammonites and how many species there are of them.

Below is a picture of my latest trip, finding miniature clams that I intend to cast into silver and make some very exciting new pieces. Keep your eyes peeled!

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